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Jun. 27th, 2011

I am the Emperor Fabulous


Well, it's late and I'm kinda tired, which means it's the perfect time to post something here.
I've been busy as of late, I've been working and I managed to get into a summer Chemistry course. A whole semester boiled down into 8 grueling weeks. Ah well, I'll muddle through somehow.
Anyways, in terms of stories, I've finally reached the decision to slowly wean myself off games and replace some of that time with writing. I can't continue to rot my brain for much longer before it dribbles out my ears for good. :P
That and I wanna do some of the stuff that I have been brainstorming but never get to because I am an easily distracted man. Shiny blinky game lights are fun, but not productive. :D
So yeah, that's about all to say about that. Toodles!

Dec. 20th, 2010

Say what?

Kozenji Character Profile

Howdy! Just popping in to post another character profile, this time, it is Kozenji Tanko. I churned this out in a couple hours, and spent some time polishing, but it's far from perfect. I will probably edit it later, as needed. Until then, I welcome any critiques or questions! :D

Name: Kozenji Tanko

Age: 22

Gender and Race: Male Kieron

Birth year: 405 AH (After Hakkon)

Birthplace: Ioya, Amanta

Height and Weight: 5' 8'' 160 lbs. (Well-muscled)

Hair, Eye, and Skin Color: Short spiky black hair , brown eyes, light skin

Distinguishing Characteristics/Appearance: He has no real scars, save for one on his right bicep where a wolf scratched him during his third monster hunt. He wears a tan fighter's uniform with no sleeves, like a gi, bound with a beige sash instead of a belt. He also wears light brown fighter's boots and has two stud earrings made of a rare hardwood known as Living Diamond (a gift from Risonen and Kilewa for his 21st birthday.) in his left ear.

Magical Focus and Source: His focus is his bo staff Wakaba, his source being himself.

Personality/Life History: The Tanko family once lived in the lands in the northern region of Norynn, but traveled to Amanta, then Ioya, before Kozenji was born. They had brought bits and pieces of their old home with them, and taught Kozenji all about his culture, their beliefs, and, for him, most importantly, their martial arts skills. The Tanko family had been one of the families that trained the royal guard in their home of Seramasa before Kozenji's father got a request from an old friend who now lived in Ioya. The request was that he come and train the village fighters in his martial arts, even a watered-down version would do. The couple packed up their bags and made the trip, not knowing that the night's passion before leaving had conceived Kozenji. Not long after they arrived they realized that she was pregnant, and half-a-year later he was born. His father was exceedingly proud to be an important man in several places of the world, but he was even more proud to be a father. Later, when Kozenji was two, his mother had a second son, Shinho, and the two brothers became very close.

At a young age, somewhere around four, Kozenji was started on his training to become the next generation of the Tanko family to know the true Tanko style alongside his younger brother. Kozenji took to it like water, but his father noticed that Kozenji also had slight magic skills that seemed to grow stronger when he was near the young tree that had been planted there not long after their arrival by the villagers as a welcoming present. Plans were made, and after contacting the Mentars, a family of hortimagi, came and chopped off a part of the tree, shaping it into a small bo staff for the young Kozenji for his fifth birthday.

It was on the day that this occurred that Kozenji came to meet the two boys who would become his lifelong friends and companions. The Mentar's son, Risonen, had wanted to come along, and had brought his friend, Kilewa Soryu, who was visiting Risonen. Kozenji had never met them before, because he was constantly training and had never wanted to go into town, preferring to continue to practice his moves. After a small while of feeling each other out, the three became inseparable to the point where the villagers could not mention one without mentioning the other two.

Kozenji's new staff that he received on his birthday was a staff of living wood that he named Wakaba, or "Young Leaf." It was attuned to his body, a fluke that his mother attributes to when she pricked her finger tending it while pregnant with him. Whatever the case, it became an integral part of his training, as he learned to make Wakaba grow and shrink, heal and twist, until he knew everything about his new partner around the age of nine.

During this time, Kozenji and his friends, also known as the Trio, had begun training together, with aspirations of becoming Ioya's premier monster hunters, protecting the village from harm. They soon found that their skills complimented each other, for Kilewa was defensive, using his flute to conjure walls of ice and obscuring mists and fogs of both water and darkness, Risonen's hortimagi heritage lent him all the plants of Norynn as weapons that he could toss or command from a distance to deadly effect, and Kozenji's skills as a martial artist kept the enemy away from his friends. After several years, near Kozenji's 18th and Risonen's and Kilewa's 17th birthdays, the three of them had polished their skills so much that the old guard, with decades of monster-hunting under their belts, allowed the three to join them on hunts before the usual age of 22. They excelled at destroying monsters, and had defeated the aces of other towns in team competitions each and every year after they had entered the hunter group. What they lacked in brute force they made up for in their strategies, which used their bond and trust to allow them to pull off crazy or even dangerous strategies without taking a single wound.

A few years later, the Trio was reminded that Kozenji would need to be leaving to go on the traditional rite-of-passage for the village. The rite, carried out on the man's 21st birth year, consisted a trip around the world to visit the towers of the Four Knights located on each of the four continents. This serves to remind Ioyan men about the perils of being divided and the power that arises when people stand together. However, Kozenji opted to pass up becoming a man for a year, until the three of them could do it together.

Kozenji's personality is surprisingly immature, given his upbringing as a martial artist. He is disciplined, respectful, and just, but around his friends, he acts like he was sixteen again. He is wildly protective of those close to him, even to the point of giving their occasional love interests the "I'm watching you." gesture, which has scared away quite a few, much to the chagrin of Kilewa and Risonen. He himself has always desired someone to love, but has never truly found that person in Ioya, man or woman. His problem is that he has always been the dominant person, and that left him feeling pressured even more, due to the fact that he is also the heir to the Tanko style. It is not that his family is placing the pressure on him, his brother is perfectly capable of taking over should he choose to pursue other paths, but he himself has placed this pressure to perform on himself. He has never had a relationship with someone who was dominant, and therein lies his problem, he is a (grudging) submissive who refuses to give in to his desires.

He has a dated sense of humor and cares not too much for his personal appearance, for why care when training/ fighting monsters will just get you dirty again? The one exception is important events/appearances, at which point he is meticulous about every detail, right down to hairs out of place on his head.

His family is known far and wide, and occasionally he had to leave with them to visit important people around the world, which meant that he saw more of the world by eleven than many people see in their whole lives.

Kozenji has an even temper, but he gets rabid when he gets hungry, so his friends make sure that doesn't happen... unless they need it to, such as for a battle. In this way it is both a weakness and a tool.

One major flaw for him is his naivety, which is balanced by Risonen's common sense and intelligence, but of course only when Risonen is present. He also knows almost nothing outside of martial arts and etiquette, since anything not pertaining to those were mostly forgotten as being useless trivia. He would have forgotten much of his schooling too, if it wasn't for Risonen pointing out that the heir must know more than just those two fields in order to be the best, and even then he only remembers bits and pieces. He relies instead on his friends to remember that stuff for him. He has a terrible sense of timing, and a worse sense of direction, of which only the latter is canceled out by Kilewa's expertise with maps and Risonen's knowledge of indigenous flora, the former being something beyond the feats of mortal men to fix.

Current Situation: The Trio is on their way to the Tower of Death, their first stop on their journey to visit the towers. They have just passed through the small village of Kelama, and are on their way to the tower.

Mar. 15th, 2009


The plot bunnies... they hunt me!

Ah, the weekend. It was a bit bland. Not much except work, which was once again boring. Nothing to do since there was pretty much nobody going to see anything but Watchmen, and even that was kinda disappointing.
So yeah, I'm on spring break now and it's feeling great. I don't have any travel plans, being the poor college student I am, but I am looking forward to some quality time with my friends so we can both just hang out and brainstorm our fics. :)
In fic news, I'm constantly writing, the only problem is I never really get around to putting them here on my computer. Just that age-old laziness getting to me. But I'm happy that I am actually writing again, so I suppose that's all that really matters. For now. :D
Other than that, not much to report. I'm kinda glad I don't have to type out these mile-long recap posts, and this is quite relaxing just reporting the recent, albeit sometimes quite unexciting goings-on in my life. So on that note, more soon!
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Mar. 12th, 2009


I so need a freaking calendar...

Gah. I can't keep my days straight. D:
Anyway, today was a bit dull, since we are preparing to go on Spring Break. *dances*
That's pretty much it. Oh, and it was my friend's birthday on Wednesday. Happy 21st dude! :)
I'll post later today, after I go and see him for his after-birthday get-together lol. :)

Mar. 10th, 2009

Master Card- Naruto style!

Slippage! D:

I'm getting infrequent with these posts. Problem with that is that I'm slipping already, but the plus side is that I've caught the tendency soon, so I'm nipping it in the bud. :)
Anyway, the weekend was... interesting. That's mainly why I didn't post. I was busy cleaning up theaters... okay, mainly just Watchmen, but same diff. :P
As for class today (meaning Monday) I get to class at 8:00... just to find out there is no class. D: Yeah. Fun times.
So I'll post stuff about Monday and Tuesday later on today (meaning Tuesday) so I'll cut it here. I need sleep, but I decided I should at least post something to acknowledge the fact that I need to post more often. :)
Oh, and userpic unrelated. :P

Mar. 7th, 2009

HeadxDesk OTP

So tired...

Yeah, the last couple days have been tiring, but only really because of lack of sleep or overenthusiastic socializing.
Watchmen was great. It would have been better had I not been tired, but meh, can't change that. I'd see it again though. :)
I only got four hours of sleep consequently, so I was a bit zonked Thursday, hence why I didn't post. I came home after school, did laundry the entire time, then crashed, burned, and exploded. I crashed that hard. Thus, no journal for that day. :)
This is actually Friday's journal, but seeing as it's past midnight, happy Saturday!
Today (Friday) I spent the day socializing with friends, just hanging out, playing games and talking. A lot of talking. So I'm tired, but pleased with how I spent my day. :D
Today (Saturday) I'm working. I'm not really looking forward to the insane rush of people seeing Watchmen, but I can't help that. But at least my schedule today lets me have a night. :D
Anyway, due to tired I'm cutting it here. I'll post more today after work. Until then!

Mar. 4th, 2009


Daily Grind is boring... but the night is looking up!

Yeah... today was a bit bland. D:
Not much to report. I like both of my classes, and the fact that I can just hang out in-between them, but they don't have much to offer in terms of interesting events. *shrugs* It's school, not play after all I suppose, but at least my writing teacher from last semester was a very vivacious and engaging personality.
So blah. Only thing I have to look forward to is "Watchmen." I was able to score an advanced screening, so I'm leaving soon to see it. I hope it lives up to the hype. :)
In other news, my writing is moving forward. I'd write tonight... but I'm gonna probably come home and crash immediately. Tomorrow is another story however, after I finish N.H.K.
He got addicted to an online game and kinda... sorta... lost it. :P He started living it pretty much. Then he fell for a pyramid scheme-like scam. D:
But that's pretty much where I decided to leave off. I like the series since it touches on a subject that is depressing and not well-documented here in the U.S.
The other thing I like is that the characters are real. Satou is full of flaws, as is his friends and love interests. It has some genuinely scary moments where you worry about their safety or even lives, and I constantly worry about Satou's mental health. I hope by the end there is at least some improvement in his mental state. :)
Anyway, I shouldn't be here typing! I should be getting ready! So I'll be back tomorrow with stuff to offer! Good night all!

Mar. 3rd, 2009

I'm a Writer. OMGPRON!


Okay, so getting all of the stuff I've currently written up on my comp in one day is stretching it a bit... Just a tad... Okay, it's impossible. :P
I did what I could, and I got back into my older routine of heading to the park to start jogging my senses. I need a new notebook though. I hadn't realized how full it was till I opened it. ^_^''''
But it was great. Very liberating. It would have been better if my music hadn't died on me... D:
I've taken the first steps towards my goals though, and that is more than I've done in a long time, so *pats back*.
Upon receiving a bit of advice (and you know who you are :D), I'm gonna put this stuff up on my comp, then file it away for a bit till I get back into the routine. I'm gonna try my hand at some one-shots first. :)
Class itself today was a bit dull. Though I can't complain about game club. Call me obsessed or stupid or whatever, but I'm a super fan of Street Fighter, and Ken and Ryu the most. And guess what game they are playing a lot of right now. YES I KNOW THEY ARE VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS! SO SUE ME! :D
In anime news... I'm so stuck on "Welcome to the N.H.K." Satou is cute and all, but MY GODS HE'S AN IDIOT WHEN IT COMES TO LOVE! D: Seriously. But I've still got 11 episodes left, so meh, there's still time to change. :)
Anyway, that's pretty much it for today. More tomorrow! :)

Mar. 2nd, 2009


*holds hands up* Yeah yeah yeah...

I know I said I'd be posting here more often, but I'm of the "Ah, I'll do it tomorrow/later (eventually never)" mentality. I'm working on that. And I'm not just saying that, I'm making a dogged effort to change.
In other news, WoW really is losing its luster for me. I honestly can't say that I am sad. I like the game, but I think that playing it off and on from now on is going to be great. I've actually enjoyed myself more just reading, thinking, and reading some more rather than endlessly slogging my way through Azeroth. Though it is still fun on occasion...
Anyway, I've just gotten off of watching 4 episodes of "Welcome to the N.H.K!" I have to say...
Have to say...
*Bursts out laughing*
Oh my gods that guy is such a dork! Hikikomori or no, he's still just a geek. I love it so far. I kinda wanna see what kind of game he's gonna end up with in the end...
As for my fics, yeah, still a standstill, but with my newfound determination, I WILL have them copied and up on my comp TOMORROW. That is what I am going to do. End of story. If I don't, I'll never do it. I've gotta stop putting things off just because I don't want to or don't have to. This is something that lands in both do and have categories. That and I REALLY wanna start writing again, but I've been too scared to continue. That's right, I've been scared. What if I can't write like I could before? What if I can't pick up where I left off? I'm scared that I put it off too long and whatever I could have had slipped through my fingers because I was scampering around a fake computer world doing absolutely nothing. It goddamn frightens me. Honestly.
*slaps cheeks*
That is no way to think. But I had to voice it. It has been something that has been keeping me down and holding me back. I'm not usually one to voice my opinion to anyone really. I don't wanna burden those close to me with MY emotional baggage, I want to help them carry theirs. But I think that voicing these things to at least my most valued friends will help me move on. I want to make an honest to gods change in my life, and I know I won't be able to do it alone, I've been going at it alone way too long and I'm sick of feeling like I can't depend on others or speak my mind and worries. I want to talk. I want to be more open. I want to say and do and try things I've never done before. I have so much I could offer the world if I would just stand up and walk, not crawl and flop around like I have been. It's time for me to make those changes, but I'm going to need to seek out those close to me to at least give me a nudge in the right direction.
Man that felt good. I feel... content now. Now once I put these words into action, I'll probably feel this fulfilled and happy for a long time. Sappy, I admit, but I think that after all this time it's time for me to speak my mind and be just as sappy, geeky, romantic, imaginative, inventive, aggressive, open, diligent, and honest as I know I can be. At least to those close to me. One step at a time.
See you tomorrow. I'll be posting every day now. Regardless of how I feel, I'm going to write something. I have to if I'm going to make the changes I know I need to make. :)

Jan. 25th, 2009

HeadxDesk OTP

So much to do...

Gah. School is great and all, but busy busy busy.
So much that I need to do. Homework for this, study for that, etc. However, I am getting into the groove of things, and I should have everything sorted out soon. Not much else to report, my life is kinda dull right now, but I'm just looking forward to the rest of the school year. Stuff to do, people to see, games to play, and such. :D
More later!

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