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I am the Emperor Fabulous


Well, it's late and I'm kinda tired, which means it's the perfect time to post something here.
I've been busy as of late, I've been working and I managed to get into a summer Chemistry course. A whole semester boiled down into 8 grueling weeks. Ah well, I'll muddle through somehow.
Anyways, in terms of stories, I've finally reached the decision to slowly wean myself off games and replace some of that time with writing. I can't continue to rot my brain for much longer before it dribbles out my ears for good. :P
That and I wanna do some of the stuff that I have been brainstorming but never get to because I am an easily distracted man. Shiny blinky game lights are fun, but not productive. :D
So yeah, that's about all to say about that. Toodles!