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The plot bunnies... they hunt me!

Ah, the weekend. It was a bit bland. Not much except work, which was once again boring. Nothing to do since there was pretty much nobody going to see anything but Watchmen, and even that was kinda disappointing.
So yeah, I'm on spring break now and it's feeling great. I don't have any travel plans, being the poor college student I am, but I am looking forward to some quality time with my friends so we can both just hang out and brainstorm our fics. :)
In fic news, I'm constantly writing, the only problem is I never really get around to putting them here on my computer. Just that age-old laziness getting to me. But I'm happy that I am actually writing again, so I suppose that's all that really matters. For now. :D
Other than that, not much to report. I'm kinda glad I don't have to type out these mile-long recap posts, and this is quite relaxing just reporting the recent, albeit sometimes quite unexciting goings-on in my life. So on that note, more soon!
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